The online world is saturated with cat videos and memes but how do you stand out when competing against adorable animals, industry professionals and a barrage of bloggers? The answer is to have a personal website! A personal website is a crucial part of your personal brand.

A personal website shows you’re serious about what you do since it’s independent and separate from your job, and that you’re not just interested in a job for the salary.

Plus, 56% of hiring managers think a personal website is the most impressive branding tool. And since only 7% of job seekers have them, by launching a personal brand site, it really could be the most effective way to land your next job. More people are learning this though so the time to create your site is now before more and more people develop their own. Moreover, with the advancing technology that can build a website in an instant, such as wordpress, joomla etc, it is often to see a website using the creator name as the domain name and turn that website into your digital resume to accelerate a career development.

Here is a list of benefit that you may get if you owned one.

1 – Show Your Passion with Your Blog Topics

Passion and knowledge are two pillars for you to succeed in your career. It is also the traits most sought after by employers. Your website provides the best platform for you to show would-be employers the topics that interest you. You can create your true brand through the topics you chose, the style of writing, the design and usability of the website. Though free hosted blogging platforms like and also provide you the same channel for free, your personalization options and control are often much limited. Your website and blog should show the best of you!.

2 – Show Your Web Knowledge

Soon the date will come when not having web knowledge equals illiteracy. This century sees the growth of many digital natives. But there is a fine line between using the Web and understanding the Web. One has to get their hands dirty in order to know the intricacy of Website design and development. Many small and medium enterprises nowadays still lack the knowledge to build a great usable website and the skills to rank well on search engines. By having a professional personal website, you will stand out from the crowd of competing job applicants.

3. Your Digital Resume

Many predict that the printed resume will be soon regarded as old fashioned and digital resume is the future. It is true that there are tons of online profiles like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. you can create to assert your online presence. However, every one of them has their limitations on the format, amount of data, design, etc. Every profile may look similar too which makes it very difficult to stand out from the crowd.

4. Your Digital Assets

Everything you write create values and they are here to stay (as long as you keep the website). You can also treat your website as a knowledge base that stores the knowledge you have acquired through the ages. What you have built belongs to you!. One thing you might not know: your knowledge set is also of value to others! For example, if you have written a lot of valuable posts on your website and these articles rank well in search engines, chances are that you can earn handsomely through placing related advertisements in your website. (It is very difficult if not impossible to add advertisements to free blogging platforms.)

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