How To Keep Web Server Secure ♦

Web Server is one of the most important and critical components of a web infrastructure. Web server is responsible for hosting a Web site and its related code, services, and all required files. Here is a list of tasks Web server administrators should perform to keep Web and Database servers secure.

This is the list that may help you to secure your web servers

  • Keep Operating System on its own hard drive partition
  • Enable tight security on Web Server including permissions and access
  • Keep separate user logins and their permissions based on their roles
  • Remove unnecessary services and don’t install them during installations
  • Disable remote access. If you must provide remote access, it should be on a secure network
  • Keep web application, scripts, and all code on a separate partition of the hard drive
  • Install Firewall and necessary products
  • Websites should be secure using the latest version of SSL and other protocols
  • Close all default open ports
  • Make sure to change and separate Admin logins and passwords from Web application administrators
  • Configure and enable Web server and other logs
  • Provision web server for latest technologies such as containers
  • Make sure to allocate and separate proper resources for web applications and services
  • Avoid using shared servers among multiple clients
  • Do not enable write permissions on server’s file system
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